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About MJD PYRGOS Fireworks Ltd


We are the only company in Cyprus with a proven record of superb fireworks displays, the leader in Cyprus Fireworks shows. For more than 30 years we have been creating the "WOW.....!!!" effect in a wide range of public and private events.

Who We Are

We are passionate about fireworks. From the discussions with our customer to the preparation of the display and the actual firing moment we put our minds and souls into it. Our enthusiasm is reflected in the end product: absolutely spectacular fireworks displays. We love nothing else more than, after the show, asking the customer "did you like it" and getting a definitive reply: "it was wow!!!"

Our Products

We are the only fully integrated fireworks business in Cyprus incorporating product design, craftsmanship, imports and display production. We specialize in both aerial fireworks displays and also ground / stage pyrotechnics.

Our Values

We are a family business committed to maintaining our core values: honesty, integrity, creativity and value for money for our customers. Our goal is to produce the most spectacular fireworks displays in Cyprus, continually surpassing our customer's expectations.


Fireworks give special joy and excitement at weddings in Cyprus. We, as the biggest and most established fireworks and special effects company in Cyprus and with ample imagination and creativity and continuously updated product line we offer the “magic” of fireworks at your wedding in Cyprus. From the exit from the church, the entrance of the couple at the banquette, the cutting of the cake and the romantic first dance we beautify your moments and make them unforgettable using both ground effects (fountains, cataracts, low smoke and confetti machines, e.t.c) and spectacular aerial fireworks displays.

We offer our services in both indoor and outdoor locations whilst, using our network of licensed technicians we are in the position to cover multiple events throughout Cyprus. We also specialize in the production of fireworks displays combined with music of your choice.


Words can be poor though...

Please see below some of our spectacular wedding fireworks displays in Cyprus.