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Aerial Fireworks

We offer unmatched superb fireworks displays designed according to your needs. Our goal is for our customers to be exhilarated and excited with the displays we produce for them.

Amazing custom produced fireworks display with music (pyromusical), September 2017, Anassa, Cyprus

Our packages for fireworks displays that may be also combined with music into pyromusical shows are very competitive. We use fireworks of absolutely all shapes and sizes and from many manufacturers in order to make our displays really superb.

Our packages for fireworks displays according to duration:

code duration (mins)
click on video link
M.0  2:00-2:30  
M.1  3:00-3:30 WATCH
M.2  3:00-4:30  
E.1 Special massive - 4 Seasons 1:40  WATCH
E.2 Pro 3:10  
E.2 Pro Massive 2:30 WATCH
E.3 Pro 3:30  
E.4 Pro 4:30  
E.5 Pro - Coral 4:40  
E.6 Pirates Caribbean Pyromusical 3:00 WATCH
E.7 Pro Pyromusical - Breeze 6:20 WATCH
E.8 Pro 7:00  
E.8 Pro Massive - Anassa 4:40  
E.9 Pro Massive - HILTON 4:30 WATCH
E.10 Pro - 2 Sources 6:20  


For more information regarding the packages or for relevant prices and video samples you may contact us at any time at +35799669548 or email us at

Above packages and video links may be considered as very close proximities to the actual package that a customer may obtain from us. The reason is that, firstly, from time to time our stock changes and thus slightly different fireworks shapes and colors may be used but without affecting the quality of the display. Secondly, depending on the licensed location of the display and specifically depending on the proximity to spectators or sensitive property, we may need to use different sizes/ yields of fireworks for safety reasons.

The durations of the above packages maybe rearranged so that they match specific customer specifications.