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What is the difference between an electronic show and a manual show?

In manual displays basically all firing is done by hand using special port fires by trained/ licensed pyrotechnitians. Only the larger yield fireworks are fired electronically for safety reasons.
Electronic displays are more time consuming to prepare but they are a step up in terms of viewing quality. In electronic displays (which are usually bigger and faster than manual displays) all the fireworks are connected to a computer and are fired according to pre prepared program. Thus, in electronic displays we can achieve better combinations of exploding fireworks in terms of colors, shapes and sizes and also we can achieve better timings between exploding fireworks.
Bigger budget displays are made electronic anyway unless the customer specifically requests a manual display usually for timing purposes so that the display lasts longer.
We can always arrange for the timing of the show to the client's specific needs.

What is a massive show?

"Massive" means that the firing is done faster either in manual displays or in electronic displays. Generally speaking the faster the firing is done the more spectacular the display becomes. For example, it is better to have a 1-2 min "WOW" display than a 4-5 min "nice" display for a given budget for fireworks.

Every fireworks display in Cyprus may present its own challenges and difficulties in terms of safe production and also in terms of obtaining a license. We strongly advise perspective clients to call us early enough so that we have time to inspect the location and obtain the compulsory license for the show.

We use the state of the art Fire One computerized display module to deliver automatic displays as well as music simulcast shows.

Can I choose exactly what kind of fireworks go into my show?

Yes you can, even though very few clients so far in our history opted to choose exactly what kinds of fireworks go into their shows. There are numerous kinds of fireworks (Peony, palm tree, chrysanthemum, willow, spider, kamuro, crossette, etc.) all coming in different colors and sizes. We carry all of them and many more special effect fireworks and in an average show we use as big a variety as possible. You may, of course, give us a general direction regarding the fireworks that can be used. For example some of our clients have requested us to use, for example, more white colored fireworks in their displays.

Can you set up displays at any given location?

All the firing sites get inspected by the Cyprus Inspector of Explosives. It is up to his or her discretion to give license for a specific location. Generally, it is easy to obtain a license for a location near the sea. For firing sites with a certain proximity to sensitive areas license is given only for lower yield fireworks.

How many days before my event do I have to order?

Generally we need 5 working days to prepare the necessary paper work and apply to the Cyprus Government for a license. We also need to inspect the firing site. It is generally easier to obtain a license when the show is near a beach.

How dangerous are the ground fireworks (fountains, cataracts)?

Our ground fireworks are specialized cold flame items and are thus perfectly safe against fire or damage. Of course, due care needs to be taken as in all pyrotechnique items during firing.

Can I buy fireworks from you and fire them when I please?

No. To carry fireworks you need to be a licensed explosives expert and to have a special affidavit to accompany the fireworks.

How much does a show usually cost?

Please contact us at or +35799669548 so that we can provide a proper quote that matches your specific needs.

For what types of events can we obtain a fireworks display?

The importation of fireworks and the procurement of fireworks displays is regulated through legislation 454-2009 and the European directive 2007/23/EC. To be licensed, fireworks display in Cyprus has to be covered by the Notification of Fireworks Catalogue Κ.Δ.Π 454/2009.

Do i have to arrange for the license?

No. We take care of the license paperwork with the relevant government authorities in conjunction with the event host/ venue or the event organizer. Fireworks licenses are not issued on physical persons but on legal entities who may stamp the application for a fireworks display.